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Fisher & Paykel DW60CHX1 Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Axle - Part # H0120200324

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Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel Axle.

Part No. H0120200324.

Lower basket wheel axle only.

Overall Diameter - 14.5mm - Length - 22.6mm, Hole diameter - 5.5mm.

Appropriate for some Fisher & Paykel and also some Haier models.

Fits many dishwashers including:-

  • Fisher & Paykel models DW60UZ6B (82212-A), DW60UC2X (82154-A), DW60UC6B (82157-A), DW60UC6X (82156-A), DW60FC1W1 (81637-A, 81637-B), DW60FC1X1 (81636-A, 81636-B), DW60FC2W1 (81635-A, 81635-B, 81635-C), DW60FC2X1 (81634-A, 81634-B, 81634-C), DW60FC4W1 (81633-A, 81633-B, 81633-C), DW60FC6W1 (81631-A, 81631-B, 81631-C), DW60FC4X1 (81632-A, 81632-B, 81632-C), DW60FC6X1 (81630-A, 81630-B, 81630-C), DW60FEX1 (81264-A, 81264-B), DW60U6I1 (81201-A, 81201-B, 81201-C), DW60U2I1 (81202-A, 81202-B, 81202-C), DW60UD6B1 (82159-A), DW60UD6X1 (82158-A), DW60FC4W1 (81125-A), DW60FC4X1 (81126-A), DW60FC6W1 (81127-A), DW60FC6X1 (81128-A), DW60FC1W1 (81129-A), DW60FC1X1 (81130-A), DW60FC2W1 (81123-A), DW60FC2X1 (81124-A), DW60CKW1 (80918-A), DW60CKX1 (80919-A), DW60CHPW1 (80916-A), DW60CHPX1 (80917-A), DW60CHW1 (80914-A), DW60CHX1 (80915-A).
  • Haier models HDW13G1W (61591-A, 61591-B, 61591-C), HDW13G1X (61590-A, 61590-B, 61590-C), HDW13V1G1 (62362-A), HDW13V1S1 (61598-A, 61598-B, 61598-C), HDW13V1W1 (61597-A, 61597-B, 61597-C), HDW15V2B2 (61611-A, 61611-B), HDW15V2S2 (61610-A, 61610-B), HDW15V2W2 (61609-A, 61609-B), HDW15V3X1 (61602-A, 61602-B, 61602-C), HDW14G2W (61592-A, 61592-B), HDW14G2X (61589-A, 61589-B), HDW15G3W (61593-A, 61593-B), HDW15G3X (61594-A, 61594-B), HDW15V2S1 (61600-A, 61600-B), HDW15V2W1 (61599-A, 61599-B), HDW15V3W1 (61601-A, 61601-B).

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