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Fisher & Paykel DW60 Series , Haier Dishwasher Door Seal - Part # H0120300248

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Genuine Fisher & Paykel DW60 Series Dishwasher Door Seal.

Part No. H0120300248, DWF079. Replaces FP791011, 791011.

Can also use Part No. H0120300248B.

Door gasket used in Fisher & Paykel DW60CEX1, DW60CEW1, DW60CCX1, DW60CSW1, DW60CDW1, DW60CDW2, DW60CDX1, DW60CDX2, DW60CSX1 dishwashers manufactured by Haier.

Genuine F&P part.

Also fits some Haier models including HDW100SST, HDW12-SFE1 WH, HDW201WH, HDW13G1X, HDW100SCT, HDW12-SFE3 SS, DW12-TFE4 WH, HDW12-SFE1 SS, DW12-TFE4 SS, HDW13G1W, HDW12-TFE3 SS, HDW12-SFE3 WH, HDW12-TFE3 WH, WQP12AFM, DW201SS-BOM, HDW201SS, HDW100WCT, HDW100WHT, HDW300SS, HDW15G3W, HDW15G3X, HDW14G2X, HDW14G2W.

Goes up one side, along the top and down the other side.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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