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Fisher & Paykel DW60 Dishwasher Top Basket Rail End Cap - Part # H0120200967

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Fisher & Paykel Dishwasher Upper Basket Rail End Cap.

Part No. H0120200967.

Similar to Part Nos. H012G2150054, 1686961, 1734064, 1681184, MDW12.BSK.SLD.C, MDW12M.BSK.SLD.C, 768610292.

Small plastic clip which prevents the upper basket from coming out of the rails in some Fisher & Paykel DW60 series & Haier dishwasher models. Also fits some Mistral models.

Suits models HDW9WHT, HDW12-SFE1SS, HDW12-SFE1WH, HDW12-SFE1, HDW9SST, HDW12-SFE3 SS, HDW12-SFE3, HDW13G1W, HDW13G1X, HDW14G2X, HDW14G2W, HDW100SCT, HDW100WHT, HDW100WCT, HDW100SST, HDW300SS, HDW12-TFE3, HDW12-TFE3SS, HDW12-TFE3WH, HDW9TFE3WH, HDW9TFE3SS, HDW201WH, HDW9WHT 61503-A, WQP12AFM 61516-A, DW60CEX1, HDW100WCT, DW60CSW1, DW12-TFE2SS (61513-A), DW12-TFE4WH (61520-A), DW201SS-BOM, HDW201SS, DW12-TFE4SS (61521-A), DW60CDW2, DW60CSX1, DW60CHPW1, DW60CHPX1, DW60CDW2.

Listing is for a single clip.

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