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Fisher & Paykel Compatible Smartdrive Electric Drain Pump - Part # 1030207WS

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Fisher & Paykel Aftermarket Washing Machine Electric Drain Pump.

Part number 1030207WS.

Replaces genuine & other Part Nos. FP001, SM00-246NR, SD200, FP420324P, 420324P, FP426956P, FP426956, 426956, 426956P. Replaces FP426719P, 426719P. Replaces older original Selni pumps made in France & marked  SM00216N, or SM00-346N, SD200. Also known as FP003, FP004 or FP005 by some suppliers.

Fisher & Paykel compatible electric pump to suit most early model washing machines except the most recent models.

Will not suit models starting with WL.

6.4mm spade terminals.

The original terminals on the machine are in a connector and will need to be removed from that connector to fit onto the separate terminals on this pump.

Suits most early F&P washing machines including Smartdrive, Intuitive, Excellence, Pride AW, GW, LW, MW series from GW500 through to GW712 & also WA55T56G, WA65T60G, WA70T60F, WA70T60G, WA75T65G, WA80T65F, WA80T65G models. Not suitable for Gentle Annie, GW52U models or for models starting with WL.

Note, this part can also be responsible for Phase 5 & later Smartdrive & Intuitive models GW509, 609, 709, IW709, MW059, 079 & later having no power. Worn or damaged pumps can cause motor control module damage, so it is wise to change it if it rattles, screeches, or fails to start intermittantly.

Note, long grey water hoses can cause undue stress on Fisher & Paykel pumps causing them to draw higher current than normal. This in turn can cause the electronic module to fault with an error code and beeping. If using a grey water hose it is advisable to use a siphon break, or pump into a container that the grey water can run out of under gravity.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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