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Fisher & Paykel Cold 24Volt Compatible Inlet Valve - Part # FP420148S

Fisher & Paykel Cold 24Volt Compatible Inlet Valve - Part # FP420148S

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Fisher & Paykel 24Volt Non-Genuine Proportional Cold Single Water Inlet Solenoid Valve.

Part No. FP420148S, replaces 420148P, 426560, 420238P, FP420148P, FP426560, FP420238P. Can also be used in place of 420147P, FP420147P

Outlet suits 10mm hose. Inlet is 3/4" BSP standard tap thread (actual thread diameter 1").

This non-genuine solenoid valve fits many late model Fisher & Paykel washing machines. Used on Phase 5 GW509, GW609, GW709, GWC09, GWL09, GWM09 & MW059, LW059, AW095 machines. Also used on Intuitive & Ecosmart models, IW509, IW609, IW709, GWL10, IW710, IW810, IWC09, IWL10, IWM10 & Phase 6 series 11 & 12 models GW511, GW611, GW711, GW512, GW612, GW712, GWC11, GWM11, GWL11, GWC12, GWM12, GWL12, IW511, IW711, IW811, IW512, IW712 (some), IW812 (some), IWM11, IWL11, IWM12, IWL12. It has a small 2pin connector rather than the 2 spade terminals used on older valves.

The latest IW & GW series ending in 12 machines use a dual inlet valve listed here.

Earlier valves had the connector pushed vertically up into the socket. The new replacement has the connector horizontal.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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