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Fisher & Paykel 525 Active Smart Fridge Temp Sensor Kit - Part # FP813822P, 813822P

Fisher & Paykel 525 Active Smart Fridge Temp Sensor Kit - Part # FP813822P, 813822P

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Fisher & Paykel 525 Series Active Smart Temperature Sensor Kit with Terminals.

Part No. FP813822P, 813822P.

Temperature sensor used in some electronic 525 Series Fisher & Paykel no frost refrigerators.

Fitted with short wiring conntions with bare ends. Includes sealed crimp joiner terminals & fitting instructions..

Fits most 525 models beginning with E or RF including models:-

E169TL (20662, 20679,21913,21913-B, 21913-C, 21913-D, 21913-E, 21915, 21915-B, 21915-C, 21915-D, 21915-E)
E169TR (20661, 20678, 21912, 21912-B, 21912-C, 21912-D, 21912-E, 21914, 21914-B, 21914-C, 21914-D, 21914-E)

E210R (22004)

E240BL (20676, 21908, 21908-B, 21908-C, 21908-D, 21908-E, 21908-F, 21908-G, 21908-H, 21908-I, 21910, 21910-B, 21910-C, 21910-D, 21910-E, 21910-F, 21910-G, 21910-H, 21910-J)
E240BLD (20656)
E240BR (20675, 210909, 21907, 21907-B, 21907-C, 21907-D, 21907-E, 21907-F, 21907-G, 21907-H, 21907-I, 21909-B, 21909-C, 21909-D, 21909-E, 21909-F, 21909-G, 21909-H, 21909-J)
E240BRD (20655)
E249TL (20666, 20682, 21918, 21918-B, 21918-C, 21918-D, 21918-E, 21920, 21920-B, 21920-C, 21920-D, 21920-E)
E249TR (20665, 21917, 21917-D, 21917-E, 21919, 21919-B, 21919-C, 21919-D, 21919-E)
E308L (22010-A, 23954-A)
E308R (23953-A)
E388L (23961-A)
FPE249TR (20681)
RB90S64MKIW1 (21283-A)
RF169TCLW1 (21330-A, 21330-B)
RF169TCRW1 (21329-A, 21329-B)
RF240BCLW1 (21929-A, 21292-D, 21292-E, 21292-F)
RF240BCRW1 (21291-A, 21291-D, 21291-E, 21291-F)
RF249TCLW1 (21296-A, 21296-B)
E249TR (21917-B, 21917-C).

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