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English Hoover, Candy, Zerowatt Dryer Drum Belt 1890H8 - Part # POL70

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English Hoover, Candy, Zerowatt Dryer Drum Drive Belt.

Qualtex Part No. POL70, 1890H8 (Metric), 5911.

Replaces 90479254, 8092021, 6012725.

Belt Length 1890mm, Width 13mm, Type H.

Suits many European Hoover, Candy, Cylinda, Rosieres, Kelvinator dryers.

Models include:-

    C50, C60, C95X, C101XW, C120EX, C215XW, C47 (UK), C47W, C57W, C57W 50/60Hz, C90XW, CA1100, CA1200, CA2100, CA2200, CC230 X, CC240 EX, CP350 X, CP360 EX, CP370X, CPC470 X, CPC480 EX, CPC490EX:
    CT2001D, CT2001R K, CT805, CT805R, PFD480 (OS), T555R MS(CE), T7W MAJOR, TD192 TENSAI, TD196E (P):
    SC20E 011, SC20X 011, SF31, SF31 UK, SF31E, SF31E UK, SV13 001, SV13 011, SV23 001, SV23 011, SV23D 011, SV23S 011, SV23S 021, SV23SX 071:
    ABI25, ABI26X, ABI27X CD:
    KTD35 115, KTD35 230, K35DR, K35DR 115, K36DR, K65DR KTD37, KTD65:
    SC3050IP, SC3601, SE1500I, SE160IE, SE760, SE850I, SE76, SE86I:
    SH51 (F), SH52 (F), SP52, SP650, SP680, SP6955, SP6959, SH6505, SH6509:
    94X, 98X ELEC., AIRPLUS LX/E, AIRPLUS X, CD2000, CD2000EL:

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