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Embraco EGZS Fridge Compressor PTC Start Relay & Overload Kit - Part # FP207240P

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Embraco Solid State PTC Compressor Start Relay & Overload with Cover.

Part No. FP207240P, 207240P.

Replaces relay Part No. 1425208.

Relay has 8EA17C3 & O1M7AB printed on it.

Overload has klixon 4TM 232KFBYY & -53 SBM7AB printed on it. Trip current is 1.84amps.

Suits 230-240VAC Embraco EGZS60 & EGZS70 hermetic compressor & some other Embraco compressors in the 1/3 - 1/4HP range.

Installs in seconds.

This PTC start relay & overload kit is used in many Fisher & Paykel fridge models.

Also suitable for many Electrolux, Kelvinator & Westinghouse fridges including models ESM6470SA, ESM6470WA, ESM6477SA, ESM6600SA, ESM6600WA, ESM6607SA, FD703S, H700H, RS643V, RS645V, RS662V, RS663V, WCM7000WA, F140C, M140C, M140D, M142D, P140D, F140DN, M140DNZ, P140C, H150C, H150D, H150DN, P170C, P170D, P170DNZ, C195CF, C195F, F201D, F210C, F210DN, F210F, F210FNZ, H210C, H210D, H210DN, C220CD, C220CF, C220DNZ, CB220C, CB220D, C220D, C220F, P220C, CS250C, CS250D, CS250F, CS250H, CS250HNZ, P250C, P250D, P250DNZ, H320C, H320D, C330FNZ, FN360F, N620F, N640G, N660G, KSM6100MB, KSM6100WB, FR121K, FR121M, RA140K, RA140M, RA141K, RA141M, RT144K, RT148K, RT148M, FD152D-U, FD152E-U, FD152ES, FD153K, FD153M, FD153S, RE191K, RE191M, FR211K, FR211M, FD212D-U, FD212E-U, FD212ES, FD213K, FD213M, FD213S, RE221K, RE221M, RA251K, RA251M, RP252K, RP252M, BJ274S, FD323K, FS323M, FD323S, FJ383Q, FJ383QWZ, FJ383T, RJ422BS, RJ422S, RJ422T, BJ423S, BJ424S, BJ424T, BJ425S, BJ425T, RE441S, RJ452BS, RJ452S, RJ452T, RJ453T, BJ503S, BJ503T, BJ504K, BJ504M, BJ504Q, BJ504BM, BJ504BQ, BJ505BM, BJ505BQ, BJ505K, BJ505M, BJ505Q, BJ505S, RJ522Q, RJ522BQ, RJ532S, RJ532SR, RJ533S, RS623S, RS633T, RS642S, RS643V, RS643S, RS643T, RS645V, RS645T, RS662T, RS663T, FD703S, WSE6070SA, WSE6070SB, WSE6070PB, WSE6070WA, WSE6070WB, WSE6100PA, WSE6100SA, WSE6100WA, WSE6970PA, WSE6970SA, WSE6970WA, WSE7000PA, WSE7000SA, WSE7000WA, ESE6077SA, ESE6077WA, ESE6078WA, ESE6107SA, ESE6108WA, ESM6470SA, ESM6470WA, ESM6477SA, ESM6600SA, ESE6607SA, NB380BF, NB400BF, NB400F, SSM6100MA, SSM6100MB, SSM6100WA, SSM6100WB.

The PTC starter is also suitable for Whirlpool, Maytag & Amana models 2VED21ZKFN00, 2VED21ZKFN01, 2VED21ZKFN02, 2VED21ZKFN03, 2VED21ZKFW00, 2VED21ZKFW01, 2VED21ZKFW02, 2VED21ZKFW03, 2VGD23DQFW00, 2VGD23DQFW02, 3KART700GW00, 3KART700GW01, 3KART700GW02, 3KART700GW03, 3KART730GW00, 3KART730GW01, 3KED0FHQKQ00, 3KES0FHGNS00, 3KES0GTKNL00, 3KES0GTQNL00, 3VED23DQFN01, 3VED23DQFW01, 3XARG478F01, 3XART700F01, 3XART700F02, 3XART700F05, 3XART710GW00, 3XART710GW01, 3XART710GW02, 3XART720F01, , 3XART720F02, 3XART721F01, 3XART721F02, 3XART722F01, 3XART722F02, 3XART730GW00, 3XART730GW01, 3XART730GW02, 3XART731GB00, 3XART731GB01, 3XART731GB02, 3XART732GW00, 3XART732GW01, 3XED0FHKKQ00, 3XED0FHKKQ01, 3XED0FHQKB00, 3XED0FHQKB01, 3XED0FHQKQ00, 3XED0FHQKQ01, 3XES0FHGKS00, 3XES0FHGKS01, 3XES0FHGKS02, 3XES0FHGKS03, 3XES0FHGNS00, 3XES0FHQKB00, 3XES0FHQKB01, 3XES0FHQKB02, 3XES0FHQKQ00, 3XES0FHQKQ01, 3XES0FHQKQ02, , 3XES0GTKNL00, 3XES0GTQNL00, 3XES2SHGKQ00, 3XES2SHGKQ02, 4ED20ZKIFN01, 4ED20ZKIFW01, 4KSRS22CHT02, 4KSRS22CHT03, 4KSRS22QFA01, 4KSRS22QFA02, 4KSRS22QFA03, 4KSRS22QFW01, 4YED20TKFN00, 4YED20TKFN01, 4YED20TKFN02, 4YED20TKFN04, 4YED20TKFN05, 4YED22PQFN00, 4YED22PQFN01, 4YED22PQFN02, 4YED22PQFN03, 4YED22PQFN04, 4YED2FHKKT00, 4YED2FHKKT01, 4YED2FHQKT00, 4YED2FHQKT01, 5GR2SHKXLQ02, 5GR2SHKXLQ03, 5GR2SHKXLS02, 5GR2SHKXLS03, , 5VED1WTKKQ00, 5VED1WTKKQ01, 5VED1WTKKT00, 5VED1WTKKT01, 5VES3FHGRS00, 5VES3FHGRS02, 5VGS3SHGKQ00, 5VGS3SHGKQ01, 5VGS3SHGKQ02, 5VGS3SHGKQ03, 5VGS3SHGKQ04, 5VGS3SHGKQ05, 6ED0GTKXKQ00, 6ED0GTKXKQ01, 6ED20TKXFW01, 6ED20TKXGW00, 6ED20TKXGW01, 6ED20TKXGW02, 6ED20TKXGW03, 6ED22DQXFB01, 6ED22DQXFB02, 6ED22DQXFB03, 6ED22DQXFW01, 6ED22DQXFW02, 6ED22DQXFW03, 6ED22PKXFW01, 6ED22PKXFW02, 6ED22PKXFW03, 6ED2FHKXKQ00, 6ED2FHKXKQ01, , 6ED2FHKXKQ03, 6ED2FHKXKQ04, 6ED2FHKXKQ05, 6GD22DCXHW01, 6GD22DCXHW02, 6GD22DCXHW04, 6GD22DCXHW06, 6GD2SHQXKB00, 6GD2SHQXKB01, 6GD2SHQXKB02 & possibly others.

Note: Not all of the variations of the above models use the same compressor. If you are unsure of the suitability, please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number. The cover is not suitable for the Electrolux, Kelvinator, Whirlpool & Westinghouse models listed above.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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