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Electrolux Z8830PT, Z8870P, Z8871P UltraOne Dust Area Lid Catch - Part # 2194055428

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Electrolux UltraOne Dust Container Lid Catch.

Electrolux Part No. 2194055428.

Lid catch assembly to suit Electrolux UltraOne Z8821P, Z8830PT, Z8831P, Z8870P & Z90 vacuum cleaners. Also fits models AUO8815B, AEL8815, AEL8820, AEL8840, AEL8870, AEL90, AG8800, AUO8815, AUO8817, AUO8820P, AUO8820UK, AUO8840PET, AUO8820UK, AU8840PET, AUO8870, AUO8870UK, EL7070, ULO20, Z8810, Z8810BP, Z8810P, Z8810W, Z8811, Z8815, Z8820, Z8820B, Z8820P, Z8820R, Z8820WP, Z8821, Z8821PT, Z8821W, Z8822, Z8822GP, Z8822R, Z8822CSP, , Z8824P, Z8825CBP, Z8825P, Z8830CST, Z8830PSK, Z8840B, Z8841, z8850, Z8850CP, Z8850P, Z8851, Z8860, Z8860C, Z8860CB, Z8860CS, Z8860T, Z8861, Z8870, Z8870C, Z8871, Z8871P, ZG8800.

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