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Electrolux, Westinghouse Wok Burner Cap Set - Part # 3581980970

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Matt Black Inner & Outer Wok Burner Cap Set to suit some Electrolux, Simpson & Westinghouse Gas Cooktops & Stoves.

Electrolux part No. 3581980970. Replaces part nos. 0004008438 (brass), 0004008439 (brass), 0004008454, 0004008455.

Same size as part No. 358198096.

Inner cap diameter - 46mm. Outer cap diameters 77mm & 126mm. Solid cast iron with matt black sintered enamel coating on top.

Wok burner caps fit many models including C328LP*05, C328NG*05, C328LP*19, C328NG*19, C328LP*20, C328NG*20, DSN635S, DSN635W, DSP635S, DSP635W, GBC5045W, GUC5145W, GUC5345W, GUC5375W, GHCF644S, GHC944S, GHL765S
, GHL765W, GHL795S, GHL795W, GHVK765S, GHVK765W, GHVJ795S*14, GHVJ795W*14, GSN625S, GSN625W, GSN627S, GSP625S, GSP626W, GSP627S, GHS612S, GHS612W, GHC613S, GHC613W, GHS613S, GHS613W, GHCF613S, GHCF613W, GHCG622W, GHCG623W, GHCF643S, GHCF643W, GHEF643S, GHS912S, GHS912W, GHS913S, GHS913W, GHS932S, GHC933S, GHC942S, GHC942W, GHC943S, GHC943W, GHCG922W, GHCG923W.

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