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Electrolux, Westinghouse, Kelvinator Fridge Adjustable Roller - Part # 1458188

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Adjustable Roller to suit some Electrolux, Westinghouse & Kelvinator Fridges.

Part number 1459188.

Replaces Part Nos. 1442374, 1456159.

Plastic bracket and adjustable roller assembly to suit many newer Electrolux, Westinghouse and Kelvinator refrigerators. The roller is height adjustable.

This part often gets broken when the fridges are transported.

Height - 62.5mm. Diameter of adjusting nut - 83.5mm. Diameter of Thread on bottom of bracket - 54.5mm. Roller diameter - 31.5mm. Roller width - 22.7mm. Dimensions of top of bracket - 38mm x 49.7mm.

Suits the following models & PNC's:-

WBE5100SC PNC 925042725, 925042726, WTM2800WB*01, WTM2800PB*01, WTM3000WB*01, WTM3000PB*01, WTM3300WB*01, WTM3300PB*01, WTM2800WB ML08, WTM2800PB ML08, WTM3000WB ML08, WTM3000PB ML08, WTM3300WB ML08, WTM3300PB ML08, EBE4307SD-R PNC 925042811, EBE4307SD-L PNC 925042810, EBE5107SD-R PNC 925042813, EBE5107SD-L PNC 925042812, HBE4307SD-L PNC 925042844, HBE4307SD-R, 925042845, HBE5107SD-L, 925042842, HBE5107SD-R, 925042843, FBE5107SD-R, 925042841, FBE5107SD-L, 925042840, EBM4300SD PNC 925042801, EBM5100SD PNC 925042803, 925042804, 925042802, EBE5167SD-RH PNC 925042860, KTM2800WA ML00, KTM2800WA ML01, KTM3000WA ML00, KTM3000WA ML01, KTM3300WA ML00, KTM3300WA ML01, EBE4300SD-R PNC 925042806, EBE4300SD-L PNC 925042805, EBE5100SD-R PNC 925042808, EBE5100SD-L PNC 925042807, ESE6078WA, WBE5160SC PNC 925042861.

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