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Electrolux, Westinghouse, Chef Oven Fan Grease Filter - Part # CKDFF1

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Electrolux, Chef, Westinghouse Oven Fan Grease Filter.

Genuine Part No. CKDFF1.

Replaces Part Nos. 353031002, 3530310-02/2.

This filter goes at the back of the oven to prevent grease from getting sucked into the oven fan.

Fits EUEE63CS, EOEM61CS, EOEM61AS*40, EUEE63AS, EUEE63AS*41, EUEE63AS*38, EOEM61AS*04, EUEE63AS*39, EDEE63AS, EDEE63AS*41, EOEE62AS*39, EUEE63AS*42, EDEE63AS*42, EUEE63AS*46, EOEE62AS, EUEE63AS*47, EOEE63AS, EDEE63AS*40, EDEE63AS*39, EOEE62AS*40, EOEE63AS*40, EOEM61AS*40, EOEE63AS*47, EOEE63AS*39, EOEE62AS*41, EOEE63AS*41, EOEE62AS*42, EOEE63AS*42, EOEM61AS*42, EOEE62AS*47, EOEM61AS, EUEE63AS*40, EDEE63AS*47, EOEM61AS*47, EOB6730X, EOB6790X, EOB6740X, EOC6800X.

May suit other brands & models.

Filter diameter - 150mm.

If you are not sure whether this part is suitable for you, contact us with the model number or sales code of your stove and we can check with the manufacturer.

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