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Electrolux UltraActive, UltraFlex On/Off Switch PCB - Part # 1181968031

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Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Pushbutton On-Off Switch PCB.

Part no. 1181968031.

Replaces part no. 1181968015.

Small momentary pushbutton switch on a small printed circuit board, part location 014E.

Suits Electrolux vacuum cleaner models Ultra Active
ZUA3821P, ZUA3822P, ZUA3830PT, ZUA3831PT, ZUA3860P, ZUA3861P, ZUA3862P, Ultra Active Green ZUAG3801, ZUAG3802, Ultra Captic ZUC4101AF, ZUC4102ANC, ZUC4102PET, ZUC4103DEL, Ultra Performer Green ZUPG3802, Ultra Silencer ZUS3940P, ZUS3950P, ZUS4065PET, ZUS4065OR, Ultra Silencer Green ZUSG3901, ZUSG4061, Ultra Performer ZUP3822P, ZUP3862P, ZUP3832PT, UltraFlex ZUF4201OR, ZUF4203PET, ZUF4205AF, ZUF4207ACT, ZUF4202EU, ZUF4301OR, ZUF4303PET, ZUF4307ACT, ZUF4305AF, UltraOne ZUO9923PT, ZUO9925P, Pure Animal PD91-ANIMA, Pure Hygiene PD91-6ST, UltraFlex Green ZUFG4201OR, UltraOne Green ZUOG9928PT.

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