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Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3385, ZUS3386 Bent End Handle - Part # 1099156042

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Electrolux Ultra Silencer 32mm Bent End Handle.

Part no. 1099156042.

Equivalent but different colour to part Nos. OA-403, 1099172007, 1099172049, 1099172239 & 1099172080. This part is dark grey. This part is a two tone light grey.

Fits Electrolux Ultra Silencer ZUS3385, ZUS3386 models.

Also fits late model Electrolux Cyclone XL ZCX6412, ZCX6422, ErgoSpace XXL160, Accelerator ZAC6717, AEG AAM6101, AAM6102, AAM6103, AAM6105, AAM6106, AAM6114, Ultra Silencer Z3365, Z3372, AirMax ZAM6100, ZAM6101, ZAM6102, ZAM6103, ZAM6104, ErgoSpace ZE2210, ZE2220, ZE2234, ZE2243, ZE2244, ZE2272, ZE2430, Ultra Silencer Green ZUSG3000, Jet Max ZJM6840, Jet Max Dust & Go ZJM68FD1, Super Cyclone Dust & Go ZSC69FD2, AEG AUS3000, Jetmaxx AJM6820, ASC6910, UltraPerformer ZUP3810, ZEG30, Z951 vacuum models without an active powerhead.

Fits 32mm pipes.

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