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Electrolux Ultra Active ZUA3820 - ZUA3862 Cyclone Cone Filter Part # 2198998987

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Electrolux Ultra Active Series Cyclone Cone Filter.

Genuine Part No. 2198998987.

Equivalent to Part Nos. 1182111011, 1182111-01/1, 1182111037, 1182111-03/7, 1182111078, 1182111-07/8, 1182111177, 1182111-17/7, 2197927011, 2197927-01/1, 2197927524, 2197927-52/4.

Cone assembly fitted inside the cyclone dust catcher.

Suits Electrolux Ultra Active ZUA3820P, ZUA3821P, ZUA3822P, ZUA3830PT, ZUA3831PT, ZUA3832PT, ZUA3860P, ZUA3861P & ZUA3862P models.

This part is sometimes accidently discarded with the dust.

Note: There are similar parts used in different models. If your model number is not listed in this description, then please contact us with your full model number prior to purchasing so that we can ensure you get the correct part.

Newer UltraActive models may be fitted with the orange part listed here.

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