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Electrolux Rapido ZB3300 Series Handheld Vacuum Inner Filter Pkt2 - Part # EF150

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Electrolux ErgoRapido ZB3300 Series Vacuum Cleaner Inner Filter (Pkt 2).

Part No. EF150.

Genuine ZB3300 series ErgoRapido handheld vac replacement inner filter from Electrolux.

Fits Electrolux ErgoRapido models ZB3301, ZB3302AK, ZB3311, ZB3314AK, ZB3320P, ZB3323B, ZB3323BO, ZB3324B, ZB3324BD, ZB3324BP, ZB3325B, ZB3327G, EL2115A, EL2120A, EL2125A.

Also Suits AEG models CX7-2-30DB, CX7-2-30BP, CX7-2-30GM, CX7-2-35TM, CX7-2-35RM, CX7-2-35O, CX7-2-35FF, CX7-2-45BM, CX7-2-45IM, CX7-2-B360, CX7-2-I360, CX7-2-45AN, CX7-2-45WM.

The filter frame base of of your original filter needs to be reused.

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