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Electrolux Front Loader Door Interlock Switch - Part # 140026158075

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Electrolux Front Loader Door Interlock Switch.

Genuine Part No. 140026158075.

Replaces Part No. A02615807.

Manufactured by Rold. Type DKS10C

This switch is appropriate for late model Electrolux front loaders including models EWF1041ZDWA, EWF1041R9WB, EWF1042BDWA, EWF1042R7WB, EWF7524CDWA, EWF7524D3WB, EWF7525DQWA, EWF8024CDWA, EWF8524CDWA, EWF9024CDWA, EWF9024Q5WB, EWF9042R7WB, EWF9043BDWA.

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