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Electrolux ErgoRapido Single Small Front Wheel & Axle Set - Part # A13069901

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Electrolux ErgoRapido Front Wheel & Axle Set.

Part No. A13069901.

Similar to & Replaces Part Nos. 4071431284, 987061017, 987060013, 987566006, 988063009.

Suits ZB2800 series, ZB2900 series & ZB3000 series Electrolux ErgoRapido handheld vacuum cleaners.

Single wheel and axle for the front of the floor head.

Wheel diameter - 11.5mm, width - 8.5mm. Axle length - 15.9mm, diameter - 2.3mm.

This is the genuine part for models ZB2932, ZB2933, ZB2934 & ZB2935 & ZB2941, ZB2942 & ZB2943. Also fits ZB2811, ZB2812, ZB2813, ZB2814, ZB2815, ZB2820, ZB2821, ZB2901, ZB2902, ZB2903, ZB2904, ZB2904B, ZB2904X, ZB2904C, ZB2905, ZB2906, ZB2907R, ZB2908W, ZB3001, ZB3002, ZB3003, ZB3004, ZB3005, ZB3006, ZB3010, ZB3011, ZB3012, ZB3013, ZB3103, ZB3104, ZB3107 & ZB3113.

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