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Electrolux, Chef, Westinghouse 3 Piece Stove Oven Rack Set - Part # 140110870015

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Electrolux, Westinghouse 3 Piece Stove Oven Shelf Set.

Part No. 140110870015.

Replaces Part No. A11087001.

Includes Part Nos.  0327001221 x 2, 0327001200 x 1.

3 piece oven rack, grill tray & rack set. Includes 2 oven shelves & 1 grill rack.

Oven shelves - 47cm x 35cm, grill insert - 38cm x 30cm.

Grill dish & grill dish support rack are not included.

Suit Chef models GBC5246W, GBC5266W, GBC5276W, GBC5486W, CFG501WB, CFG503WA, CFG504SA, CFG504SB, CFG504WA, CFG504WB, CFG515WA, CFG517SA, CFG517SB, CFG517WA, CFG517WB, CFG532WB, CFE533WB, CFE535WB, CFG536SB, CFE536WB, CFE537WB & Westinghouse models GEK1235W, GEK1385W, GUK511W, GUK512W, GUK517W, GUK525W, GUK527W, WDG101WA, WDG101WB, WDG103WA, WDG103WB, WLG503WA, WLG503WB, WLG505WA, WLG505WB, WLG517WA, WLG517WB, WFG617WA.

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