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Electrolux, Blanco Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheels (Pkt 8) - Part # ZN43907

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Electrolux, Blanco, Zanussi Dishwasher White Upper Basket Wheel (Pkt 8).

Part No. ZN43907.

Similar to Part No.
50286967000K, 50286967000, 000050286967000, 50286967-00/0, 50659337005, 50269921008, ZN43102.

White & beige wheel assemblies which clip onto the upper basket in some imported Electrolux, Dishlex, Simpson, Westinghouse, Zanussi & Blanco dishwasher models.

Suits Electrolux ESL4143, Dishlex DX103SK, DX103WK, DX203SK, DX203WK, Simpson 52C850SK, 52C850WK, Westinghouse SB908SK, SB908WK, SB908SL, SB908WL, SB908WK, SB908WL,

Also suits some Zanussi & Electrolux imported models including:-. AEG 6470W  , AEG FAV42300  , AEG FAV5450  , AEG FAV5450W  , AEG FAV54750VI  , AEG FAV64800W  , AEG KDW1  , Blanco BDW203  , Electrolux DW125W  , Electrolux DW80W  , Electrolux ESF611  , Electrolux ESF6100W , Electrolux ESF6100X , Electrolux ESI600B  , Electrolux ESI600W  , Electrolux ESI6110W , Electrolux ESI6110U , Electrolux ESI602B  , Electrolux ESI602W  , Electrolux ESI602X  , Electrolux ESI604B  , Electrolux ESI604W  , Electrolux ESL414  , Electrolux ESL424  , Electrolux ESL614  , Electrolux ESL624  , Electrolux ESL6100 , Tricity Bendix BDW52  , Tricity Bendix BK200B  , Tricity Bendix BK200W  , Tricity Bendix BK205B  , Tricity Bendix BK205B/W  , Tricity Bendix BK205W  , Tricity Bendix BK450  , Tricity Bendix CDW086  , Tricity Bendix CDW087  , Tricity Bendix CDW101  , Tricity Bendix DH085  , Tricity Bendix DH086  , Tricity Bendix DH088W  , Tricity Bendix DH101  , Tricity Bendix DW120  , Tricity Bendix TBDW41  , Zanussi DS22  , Zanussi DS30  , Zanussi DW24W  , Zanussi DW907  , Zanussi DW908AL  , Zanussi DW908W  , Zanussi DW909  , Zanussi DW915  , Zanussi DWS39W  , Zanussi DWS909AL  , Zanussi DWS909W  , Zanussi DWS919  , Zanussi ID6745B  , Zanussi ZD604B  , Zanussi ZD604W  , Zanussi ZD684B  , Zanussi ZD684W  , Zanussi ZT415  , Zanussi ZT485

Also ESF6127, ESF63020, ESF64020, ESF63019, ESF4142, ESF4159, ESF4160, ESF46010, ESF4126, ESF4127, ESI4121, ESI4142, ESL4120, ESL4121, ESL4142, ESL4143, ESL4126, ESL4131, ESL4161, ESL4115, ESL4116, ESF4542, ESF4110, ESF4560, ESF4153, ESF6132, ESF6159, ESF6150, ESF6160, ESF6161, ESF6162, ESF6159, ESF6163, ESF6146, ESF6528, ESF6126, ESF6128, ESI6110, ESI6112, ESI6142, ESI6162, ESL6124, ESL6143, ESL6164, ESL6115, ESF6550, ESF6521, ESF6522, ESF6525, ESF6535, ESF6549, ESF6550, ESF6563, ESF6546, ESI6160, ESI6180, ESL6163.

And also:-

DE6708, DE930, DS17, DS22, DS30, DW6710, DW6710N, DW6714, DW6726, DW674, DW676, DW677, DW905, DW906, DW907, DW907AL, DW908AL, DW908W, DW909, DW911, DW914W, DW915, DW917, DW917G, DW919, DW925, DW927, DW930, DWS6704, DWS6706,DWS6749, DWS677, ID4016B, ID4016N, ID4016S, ID4016W, ID4016X, ID4104B, ID4104W, ID414B, ID414W, ID416B, ID416N, ID416W, ID4204B, ID4204W, ID4205B, ID4205W, ID6244B, ID6244S, ID6244W, ID6244X, ID6245B, ID6245S, ID6245W, ID6245X, ID6294S, ID6294W, ID736B, ID736W, ID9406, ID9406B, ID9406W, IT416, IT5614, IT5616, IT564, IT566, IT5660, Z BLACK MS, Z1S, Z2000S, Z2200MS, Z45L, Z9MS, ZD604B, ZD604W, ZD606B, ZD606W, ZD851A, ZD851B, ZD851I, ZD851S, ZD851W, ZD852I, ZDS679EX, ZDS689EX, ZDW416, ZDW946S, ZG103, ZI456, ZI457, ZI602, ZI608, ZI609, ZI7454, ZI796B, ZI796S, ZI8454X, ZIDW956, ZP3414, ZP3414M, ZP3416, ZP3416P, ZP3616, ZP3626, ZP3626M, ZP3628, ZP3736, ZP3736M, ZP3796, ZS3726, ZT415, ZT455, ZT605, ZT615, ZT617, ZW1046, ZW108, ZW109, ZW1096, ZW1096N, ZW3900E, ZW4104, ZW4106, ZW414, ZW416, ZW418, ZW426, ZW454, ZW6206, ZW626, ZW636, ZW726, ZW726DT, ZW826, ZW900E, ZWS418, ZWS419, ZWS828.

White & beige colour.

Wheel diameter - 25mm, width - 8mm, Total length of axle & wheel - 30mm, Hole diameter - 5mm.

The listing is for a packet of eight wheels.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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