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Electrolux, Blanco Dishwasher Light Grey Lower Basket Wheel # 50269757006

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Electrolux, Blanco, Zanussi Dishwasher Light Grey Lower Basket Wheel.

Part No. 50269757006, 50269757-00/6.

Similar to part nos. 50286965004, 50286965-00/4 & 50269748005, 50269748-00/5 except for colour.

Light grey colour.

Wheel diameter - 40mm, width - 8mm, Total length of axle & wheel - 30mm, Hole diameter - 5.5mm.

Wheel assembly which clips onto the lower basket in some Blanco dishwasher models including BFDW650S, BFDW670S, BIDW651, BIDW651, BSDW640S, BSDW640S. Also suits some Electrolux imported models including ESF4132, ESF6100, ESF6101, ESF6109, ESF6110, ESF6111, ESF6119, ESF6120, ESF6121, ESF6122, ESF6123, ESF6129, ESF6130, ESF6131, ESF6140, ESF6151, ESF6224, ESF6226, ESI6100, ESI6110, ESI6112, ESI6120, ESI6180, ESL6100, ESL6111, ESL6123, ESL6124, ESL6154, ESL6164, ESL6180, ESL6200, LL12X.

Also fits many AEG, Arthur-Martin, Atag, Elektro Helios, Etna, Faure, Firenze, Franger, Ideal, Juno, Kuppersbusch, Lloyds, Marlinen, M-System, Multi Brand, Privileg, Rex, Rosenlew, Tricity Bendix, Vestel, Zanker, Zanussi & Zoppas models.

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