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Electrolux AirMax, SuperCyclone, JetMaxx Hose without Bent End Piece - Part # 2198088144

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Electrolux Airmax, Cyclone XL, Electrolux SuperCyclone, JetMaxx Complete Separated Vacuum Cleaner Hose without BEP.

Part no. 2198088144.

Replaces Part Nos. 140039004712, 1099153015, 1099153056, 2191383013, 2191383062, 2192238018, 2193704018, 2193687049, 2193687973, 2198088029, 2198088110.

Fits late model AEG AAM6101, AAM6102, AAM6103, AAM6105, AAM6106, AAM6114, Electrolux ErgoBox XXLBOX1, XXLBOX2, XXLBOX16, XXL160, late model Ultra Silencer Z3365, Z3372, Z5561, AirMax ZAM6100, ZAM6101, ZAM6102, ZAM6103, ZAM6104, Cyclone XL ZCX6200, ZCX6201, ZCX6202, ZCX6203, ZCX6412, ZCX6422, ErgoSpace ZE2210, ZE2220, ZE2234, ZE2243, ZE2244, ZE2272, ZE2430, Accelerator ZAC6717, Volta U4640, U6410, U6420, U6425, U6430, U6610, U6620, U6630 vacuum models without an active powerhead, Electrolux SuperCyclone ZSC6930, ZSC69FD2 & Electrolux JetMaxx ZJM6840 vacuum models.

Does not include the bent end piece handle.

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