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Electrolux, AEG Front Loader Carbon Brushes for Welling Motor - Part # BT111

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AEG, Electrolux, Zanussi Carbon Motor Brushes to suit Welling Motor (1 Pair).

Part no. BT111.

Equivalent to 405505048, 4055050480.

Carbon brushes which can be used to replace many European front loader motor brushes on machines from AEG, Electrolux, Zanker, Zanussi fitted with a 379441100/3 or 379441100 Welling motor.

Carbon dimensions 43mm long X 4.8mm thickness X 13.5mm wide.

Recessed mounting holes 24mm apart. Locating spikes 15mm apart. Mounting holes 23mm back from front end of brushholder. Locating spikes are 16mm from front of brushholder.

Brushholder has 54S5013-02-02 on top.

4.8mm spade terminals.

Some models include:-

L5460DFL, L5462DFL, L5482, L54840, L54870, L6060, L6464L, L6464FL, L64640, L64641, L6470FL, L6482, L64840, L64840L, L64843, L64843, L64845.

EWF1074, EWF14370W, EWF14373W, EWF14070W, EWF14079W, EWF14248W, EWF14260W, EWF14270W, EWF14448W, EWF14450W, EWF14460W, EWF14470W, EWF146110W, EWF146118W, EWF146310W, EWF146410W & many others.

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