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Dishlex DX203, DX303 Series Plastic Drain Hose 2.23mtrs - Part # 1173680305

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Dishlex DX203, DX301, DX303 Series, Simpson, Westinghouse Plastic Drain Hose.

Part No. 1173680305, 1173680-3/05.

Now use 140003571019.

Replaces Part Nos. 1526492-01/0, 1560330-10/0, 1526492-40/8, 1526492424, 0571400166, DW704, DWV544, 8905903.

2.23metre plastic drain hose which goes between the drain pump and the sink s-bend on some Chef, Dishlex, Simpson, Westinghouse & Electrolux models.

The internal diameter of the rightangled end is 30mm. The sink end is 22mm.

Supercedes earlier white & grey outlet hoses used on most Simpson Silencio 52B850 series dishwashers and early Dishlex DX100, DX300, DX450 & DX500 models.

Models include 52B850WG, 52B850WH, 52B850SH, 52B850SG, 52B850SJ, 52B850WJ, 52B870SJ, 52B870WJ, 52B890SJ, 52B890WJ, 52B950WG, 52B950WH, 52B980SG, 52B980WG, 52B980WH, 8903WW, 8904WW, 8905WW, 8907WW, 8913BK, 8913WW, 8914BK, 8914SB, 8914WW, 8915BK, 8915WW, 8916WW, 8917BK, 8917WW, 8931WW, 8932WW, 8933WW, 8935WW, 8937WW, 8941WW, 8942WW, 8943WW, 8945BK, 8945WW, 8947BK, 8947WW, 8948BK, 8948WW, 8951WW, 8953WW, 8955WW, 8956WW, 8957WW, 8965BK, 8965SB, 8965WW, 8967BK, 8967SB, 8967WW, 8968BK, 8968WW, 8971WW, 8972WW, 8987BK, 8987SB, 8987WW, 8988BK, 8988WW, 9095BK, 9095SB, 9095WW, WSF6602XR, WSF6605WR, WSF6605XR, ESF68040X, ESF66814XR, DX100FBK, DX100FBS, DX100FWW, DX102SB, DX200IWW, DX100IWW, DX100KA, DX100SA, DX100WA, DX102WB, DX102SJ, DX102WJ, K100WA, K150WA, DX150FWW, DX150IWW, DX150MWW, DX150WA, DX200FBK, DX200FWW, DX200IBK, DX200IWW, DX203SK, DX203WK, DX300KA, DX300SA, DX300WA, DX300FBS, DX300FBW, DX300FWW, DX300ISB, DX300IBK, DX300IWW, DX301WK, DX301SK, DX302ISJ, DX302J, DX302SB, DX302WB, DX302SJ, DX302WJ, DX303SK, DX303SL, DX303WK, DX303WL, DX403SB, DX403WB, DX403IWB, DX450FBK, DX450FWW, DX450IBK, DX450IWW, DX450IKA, DX450IWA, DX450ISB, DX450KA, DX450SA, DX450WA, DX500FBK, DX500FBS, DX500FWW, DX500IKA, DX500IWA, DX500IBK, DX500ISB, DX500IWW, DX500ISC, DX500KA, DX500SA, DX500WA, EX302SB, EX302WB, EX302SJ, EX302WJ, EX403WB, EX500ISB, EX600ISB, SB905WG, SB905WH, SB907SJ, SB907WJ, SB915KJ, SB915SJ, SB915WJ, SB920SH, SB920WG, SB920WH, SB921SG, SB921WH, SB922SH, SB925SJ, SB925WJ and possibly others.

Note, not all versions of all of the models mentioned use the same drain hose. If you are unsure, please provide your full model number or PNC number prior to purchasing.

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