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Cypress YUV to RGB Video Convertor - Part # CYU333

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YUV to RGB Video Convertor.

Part # CYU333.

Cypress CYU-333 is a high quality video format converter designed to convert from component video (Y, R-Y, B-Y) to the Scart RGB. This allows the latest in high quality video source equipment to be displayed on TV Monitor equipped with an RGB Scart type connector.


  • Converts YCbCr (YUV) signal to RGB Scart, (from an NTSC or PAL DVD for example) for connecting to the input of a TV or video monitor, to view the image on a high quality picture.
  • It can set the TV to “Video Mode” through scart output.
  • Input selectable between VCD (Scart) and DVD (YcbCr) sources.




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