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Clothes Dryer Duct & Indoor Condensing Vent Kit - Part # PLD156

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Universal Indoor Condensing Vent Kit for Clothes Dryers.

Paxanpax Part No. PLD156.

Universal kit to allow your dyer to be vented inside and the water laden air condensed into a container. While not as good as venting to the outside, it is much better than letting the moist air and fluff collect on the laundry walls.

  • Easy Installation.
  • Catches lint and fluff keeping laundry much cleaner.
  • Condenses moisture from the air coming out of the dryer.
  • Ideal for flats and strata title units where an outside vent is not possible.
  • Suits most brands which have a 100mm flue vent outlet.
  • Includes 100mm X 1.0mtr Vent Hose.

Fits straight onto Fisher & Paykel rear vented models.

Can also be used for some clothes dryers in conjunction with a suitable dryer flange kit.

Very popular in UK & Europe. Now available here.

We stock universal kits here which fit onto the back or front of some dryers that can be used in conjunction with this kit as a vent deflector and means of attaching to the dryer. Note, the use of a vent deflector adaptor (not included) will be necessary for most wall mounted dryers. There are no fittings on the end of the hose that goes to the dryer.

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