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Chef, Westinghouse Gas Stove Oven Burner - Part # 0004008300

Chef, Westinghouse Gas Stove Oven Burner - Part # 0004008300

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Aluminium Oven Burner Distributer Assembly to suit Westinghouse, Simpson & Chef Gas Cooktops & Stoves.

Electrolux Part no. 0004008300.

Consists of aluminium distributer only.

Fits many models including GGC641S, GGC641W, GGC643S, GGC643W, GOL472S, GOL472W, GOL476K, GOL476S, GOL476W, GOS611W, GOS631K, GOS631S, GOC633S, GOC633W, GOC673S, GOC673W, GOCE671BS, GOCE671S, GOCE671SA, GOCE671TN, GOCE671TR, GOCE671W, GOS611S, GSC6615S, GSC6615W, GSC6635K, GSC6635S, GSC6655S, GSC6655W, GSC6658S, GUJ416W, GUK525W, GWH472K, GWH472S, GWH472W, GWH476K, GWH476S, GWH476W, GWH538W, GWH540K, GWH540S, GWH540W, GWH645K, GWH645S, GWH645W, GWH745K, GWH745S, GWH745W, GXC611S, GXC611W, GXC641K, GXC641S, GXC641W, GXC643S, GXC643W, GXC651K, GXC651W, GXL540S, GXL540W, GXL650K, GXL650S, GXL650W.

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