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Chef, Westinghouse Gas Cooktop Ignition Switch Harness - Part # 0534001706

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SPST Momentary Ignition Switch Harness fits many Chef, Westinghouse & Simpson Gas Stoves.

Part No. 0534001706.

4Pole Sourdillon Switch Harness.

4 x SPST switches complete with wiring harness to suit many Electrolux, Chef, Westinghouse & Simpson gas cooktops for switching the burner ignition circuit on.

Suits models GHC604W, GHL12S, GHC604W*32, GHC614S, GHL12W, GHL46W*32, GHS913W, GHC603SNG*21, GHC614W, GHC603SLP*21, GHS914W, GHL12W*32, GHL90S, GHL90W, GHL92K, GHL92S, GHL92W, GHCG922W, GHS902S, 92F375S, 92F375W, GHS902W, GHL26W*32, GHS914W*32, GHS914S, GHL24K, GBC5005WLP*19, GHL26K, GHL26W, GHL44K, GHL44W, GHL46K, GHL46W, GHL11K, GHL11S, GHL11W, GHL16K, GHL16S, GHL16W, GHC603S, GHC603W, GHC613S, GHC613W, GHCG623W, GHCG923W, GHS903S, GHS903W, GHCG622W, GHC614W*32, GHC604S, GHS913S, GHC603WLP*21, GHC603WNG*21, GHC613SLP*21, GHC613SNG*21, GHC613WLP*21, GHC613WNG*21, GHS903SLP*21, GHS903SNG*21, GHS903WLP*21, GHS903WNG*21, GHS913SLP*21, GHS913SNG*21, GHS913WLP*21, GHS913WNG*21, 72G953SLP, 72G953SNG, 72G953WLP, 72G953WNG, 72G953S, 72G953W, GHC603S, GHC603W, GHC613S, GHC613W, GHL11W*32, GHL16W*32, GHL24W, GHL90W*32, GHL92W*32, GHS913S, GHS913W, GHM12W, GHM12S, GHC615S, GHC605S, GHJ76ALPN, 72J315W, 72J315S, GHJ76ALP, GHC605W, GHJ76ANG, GHC615W, GHK16K, GHS912W, GHCG902W, GHS912S, GHK11W, GHCG602W, 72F953W, 72F953S, GHK16W, GHK16S, GHK11S, GHK11K and possibly others.

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