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Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse 4 Piece Stove Oven Rack Set - Part # 0327001233

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Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse 4 Piece Stove Oven Shelf Set.

Part No. 0327001233.

Includes Part Nos.  0327001194 x 2, 0327001200, 0327001202.

4 piece oven rack, grill tray & rack set. Includes 2 oven shelves, 1 grill rack and grill dish support rack.

Oven shelves - 47cm x 37.5cm, grill insert - 38cm x 30cm, grill dish rack - 47.5cm x 37cm with 40cm x 30.5cm space for grill dish.

Grill dish is not included.

Suits many Chef, Simpson & Westinghouse models including EBC5211W, EBC5231W, PAK130W, EBC5201W*04, EBC5211W*04, EBC5231W*04, EBC5201W832, EBC5211W832, EBC5231W832, EBC5211W*36, EBC5231W*36, PAK130W*41, EBC5201W*41, EBC5211W*41, EBC5231W*41, EBC5201W*43, EBC5211W*43, EBC5231W*43, EOC614S, EOC614W, EOC624S, EOC624W, EOC644S, EOC644W, 63H906S*04, 63H906W*04, 63H914S*04, 63H914W*04, 63H906W*32, 63H914W*32, EOC614S*04, EOC614W*04, EOC624S*04, EOC624W*04, EOC644S*04, EOC644W*04, EOC614W*32, EOC624W*32, EOC644W*32, 63H906S*40, 63H906W*40, 63H914S*40, 63H914W*40, EOC624S*40, EOC624W*40, EOC644S*40, EOC644W*40, EOC614S*43, EOC614S*46, EOC614S*49, EOC614W*46, EOC614W*49, EOC624S*43, EOC644S*43, 63H906S*42, 63H906W*42, 63H914S*42, 63H914W*42, EOC614S*42, EOC614W*42, EOC624S*42, EOC624W*42, EOC644S*42, EOC644W*42, EOC624S*49, EOC624W*49, 63H906S*49, 63H906W*49, EBC5201W.

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