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Chef, Electrolux Silver Stove Control Knob - Part # 0019008139

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Chef, Electrolux Silver Electric Stove Control Knob.

Genuine Part No. 0019008139. Replaces Part No. 0019008098 (must replace whole set).

Appropriate for some Chef & Electrolux stainless steel electric stoves & ovens including models EOC614S, EOC624S, EOC644S, EXC614S, EXC624S, 63H906S.

Knob diameter - 42.5mm, Height - 24.5mm, Shaft - 6mm D.

Flat side of shaft is on the same side as the pointer.

Early versions of the above models used part number 0019008098 which has been superceded by this part but the styling is slightly different so the whole set of knobs may need to be replaced to keep them all looking the same.

If you are not sure of the suitability of this part, please contact us with your full model number including revision number prior to purchasing so that we can check with the manufacturer.

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