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Carbon Motor Brushes suit Hotpoint Washer - Part # CAR91

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Motor Carbon Brushes to suit Creda, Electra, Hotpoint Front Loading Washing Machines (1 Pair).

Qualtex part no, CAR91. Equivalent to OEM Part No. 1603910.

Used in some Creda, Electra & Hotpoint front loading washing machines fitted with a new type FHP motor.

This is a common brush type used in many washers fitted with a new type FHP motor.


Suits the following models:-

Gala 1019P, 1025A, 1025P, 1025W, 1051A, 1051P, 1051W, 1061N, 1061P, 1063N, 1063P, 1151A, 1151P, 1151W, 1161N, 1161P, 1162N, 1162P, Electra 17054E, 17955, 17055E, 17056, 17057E, 17058E, 17059E, 17343E, 46307, 47308, Creda 17072E, 17076, 17078, 17079, 17080, 17081, 17083E, 17084E, 17085, 17086, 17087, 17088G, 17096E, 17098E, 17110, 17111, 17112E, 17112G, 17113G, 17113X, 17120, 17121E, 17176, 17340E, 17342E, 17182E, 17184E, 17185E, 17186E, 17187E, 17345, 17345E, 17346X, 17390E, 47305, 47306, W1200, W100FW, W120FW, W120VW, WD1200, Jackson 27305, 27306, J1000, J1200D, Hotpoint 6240B, 6240P, BFL1020, BW61B, BW61P, WD21P, WD22A, WD22P, WD22W, WD23P, WD23A, WD23W, WD31A, WD31P, WD31PE, WD31W, WD32A, WD32P, WD32W, WD51A, WD51P, WD51W, WD61P, WD91PT, WD61S, WD61T, WD61U, WD61X, WD62N, WD62P, WD62PC, WD62S, WD62X, WD71N, WD71P, WD71S, WD71X, WD62YS, WK1000, WM10PM, WM19P, WM20A, WM20P, WM20W, WM21P, WM21W, WM22A, WM22P, WM22W, WM23A, WM23P, WM23W, WM24A, WM24P, WM24W, WM25A, WM25P, WM25W, WM26A, WM26P, WM26W, WM29P, WM31A, WM31P, WM31W, WM32A, WM32P, WM32W, WM34A, WM34P, WM34W, WM35A, WM35P, WM35W, WM51A, WM51P, WM51W, WM52A, WM52P, WM52PP, WM52W, WM53A, WM53P, WM53W, WM54P, WM55P, WM60P, WM60PE, WM61N, WM61P, WM61PE, WM61X, WM62N, WM62P, WM62PC, WM62PE, WM62X, WM63H, WM63P, WM63N, WM63PE, WM63PS, WM63S, WM63T, WM63U, WM63X, WM63XE, WM63N, WM63P, WM64PE, WM64PK, WM64X, WM65S, WM66P, WM67P, WM68P, WM69P, WM71N, WM71P, WM71X, WM72N, WM72P, WM72X, WM77P, WM79P, WM80P, WM81P, WM82P, WM83P, GEC W76PP, W86PP, EE100A, EE100WD, EE120A, EE80A, WRM7505TWW, WWC7602VWW, WWC8602VWW, WWC8802TWW, WWC8806TWW, WWH5502TWW, WWH5506TWW, WWH5508TWW, WWH6504TWW, WWH6508TWW, WWH6602VWW, WWH6604VWW, WWH7502TWW, WWH7503TWW, WWH7504TWW, WWH7506TWW, WWH7508TWW, WWH7602VWW, WWH7603VWW, WWH7604VWW, WWH8502TWW, WWH8504TWW,WWH8505TWW, WWH8506TWW, WWH8508TWW, WWH8602VWW.

Fits Asko 10505 models fitted with an FHP motor and having brushes with L1 on the brushholder.

The first sign that these are worn out is erratic spinning, or no spin at all.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.


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