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Candy, Hoover Front Loader Washing Machine Drum Belt - Part # POL76, 1233J5 MAEL

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UK Hoover, Candy Front Loader Drum Drive Belt.

Qualtex Part No. POL76, B081, 1233J5 MAEL (Metric).

Other OEM part numbers -
QUAPOL76, 92130442, 92607803.

Belt length 1233mm, Width 12mm, Type J. 5 Ribs.

Appropriate for many UK Hoover & Candy front load washing machines.

Models include:-


QUATRO.SIX-WHISPER, PERFORMA, AA212, AA230, AA231, AA232, AAA14, AB100, AB105, AB110, AB115, AB130, AB135, ABA11, AC110, AC115, AC120, AC121, AC125, AC20, AC327, AC900, AC950, ACA10007, AE130, AE136, AE137, AE140, AE145, AE146, AE147, AE160, AE165, AE166, AE167, AE230, AE240, AE246, AEA14, AI130, AL120, AL130, ALA12201, AM110, AM115, AM120, AMA12207, AMC12101, AS108UK, AS110, AS115, AS116, AS120, AS125, AS126, AS130, AS135, AS136, AS110001, ASA12007, WA1150, WA110001.


ACTIVA101, ACTIVA105, ACTIVA121, ACTIVA125, ACTIVASMART12MK1, ACTIVASMART12MK2, ACTIVASMART12MK3, ACTIVASMART13, ALISE1000, ALISE1000ES, ALISE1200ES, AQ100TR, AQUAVCE101, AQUAVIVA1000ES, AQUAVIVA1200ES, AT120TR, AT130TR, AV1000ESMK2, AV1000UK, AV1000UKMK2, AV1200ESMK1, AV1200ESMK2, AV1200UK, AV1200UKMK2, AVA20007, AVA22007, AWA11007, C1040, C1041, C1260, C1261, CA230003, CE104, CE124, CE94, ECO1000, ECO1001, ECO1201, SC1000, SE220001, SP100TR, SP101TR. S P110TR, SP120TR, SPB11001, SPC12001, TC1000, TC1244, WA110, WA115, WB120, WB120, WB125, WDM12, WDM12, WDM12001, WDM13, WE140, WE145, WE146, WE147, WM100, WM120, WP110, WP900, WS130, WS135, WS136.

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