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BSR TC8S, TC8H CompatibleTurntable Stylus - Stanfield Part No. D325SR

BSR TC8S, TC8H CompatibleTurntable Stylus - Stanfield Part No. D325SR

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BSR SC5H, TC8 Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Part No. D325SR.

Conical diamond stylus suitable for LP records only. This is not the correct stylus for playing 78's. Although it will work for this purpose, damage to the 78 and the stylus may result.

Appropriate for:-

Aiwa 24D,

Audiosonic 1090A, P163, RP30, AWA 1415, 1443, B80, B421, OS10, )S40, OS50, OS60, OS70, SE12, SR100,


CEC-CDC CP900, STP90, STR1500H,

Columbia Denon DSN1, DSN19,

Electronic Reproducers ERC800,

Emerson 112AM,

Healing C2-87, H202,

Hitachi DS-ST9, SDT7711,

HMV HV16D, MC200,

JVC DT7, CLS130, CLS135,

Micro V120, V201,

Mitsubishi 3D-20,

National Panasonic Technics EPS04, CLS130/5, FG521, FG740DU, SG548E, SG567, SG725, SG740, MSl110, SG760, SG766, SG1005, SG1010, SG1020, SE15, SE25, SE40, SE53A, SE840, SF520, SG100, SG106, SG110, SG151, SG155, SG180, SG310, SG333, SG338, SG338A, SG345, SS3010, SS8010,


Onkyo DN1, SM10, SM100, STS6, STS55,

Piezo Y270,

Pioneer PLN3,

Pye MRC4, MRC6, MRC8, TR8,

Rank Arena MC200,

Ronette TO284,

Sansui ST1,

Sanyo STG3, DC3711, DC570XL, GXT4301, GXT4360, GXT4410, GXT4501, GXT4503, DC800, DC880, DC904, DC900, GXT4504K, GXT4505, GXT4507, GXT4512, GXT4514, GXT4521, GXT4540, GXT4560, GXT4590, DS18, DS21, DS22, DS23, DS25, DS33, DS40, DS41, DS50T, DS92, DS93, DS94, DS404, PG12, G2212, G2213, G2215, G2216, G2312, G2512, G2517, G2519, G2602, SPT1007, SPT1100, G2512, G2517, G2519, G2602, G2612, G2615, T18, T20, T21, T25, T40, T41, TP115,

Sharp STY113, STY134, GS1500, GS1950, GS5400, RP1500, SG160, SG170, SG180,

Silver SS1405,

Sony ND116P,

Vacolux, HP100, HP101, HP110, HP122, HP151, HP160, PS48, PS50, PS110, PS122, PS160,

Thorn RG1443,

Toshiba N6C, FS2500, FS2600, GP17, GP23, GP27, GP28, GP50, GP55, GP66, GP71, GP75, GP103, GP752, SM102, SM110, SM130, SM260, SM270, SM300, SM2100, SM2600, SM2700, SM2900, SM3000, SX140,

Vaco Vaco-Lux,

Yamaha Vaco-Lux, C1, C5.

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