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BSR ST3, ST4 Compatible Turntable Stylus for LP's & 78's. - Part No. D88SR/78

BSR ST3, ST4 Compatible Turntable Stylus for LP's & 78's. - Part No. D88SR/78

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BSR ST3, ST4 Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Part No. D88SR/78.

Equivalent to BSR ST3, ST4.

Conical diamond stylus x 2. One side suitable for LP's & 45's. Other side suitable for 78's.

Suits Astor G14Q, GDO45, GDO46, GDO47, AWA 1412, 1413, 1414, B87, 409, Dimensional, BSR C1, SX1M, SX1H, SC5M, X5M, SX5M, SX6M, Expo DAP123, DAP141, DAP153, Hitachi DS-4T, XFS200, HMV HV6D, HV11D, HV12D, 02-8J, 05-4G, 8+8, Bahama, 04-4B, C9-8N, Cavalier, Graduate, H5-8N, H6-8N, Imperial, JF8N, Intercept, International, Malibu, Monaco, Nippergram, Rhapsody, Safari, Sheraton, StereoMaster, T2-69, T8-4D, 49D, TC48, TH45, TL42, U2-8N, Kreisler 11-98, 11-101, 11-104, 11-105, 11-108, 11-109, 11-110, 11-112, 11-113, 11-114, 11-120, 11-122, 11-123, 11-124, 11-127, 11-128, 11-129, 11-130, 11-132, 11-134, 11-135, 11-137, 11-143, 11-146, 11-148, 11-149, 11-161, A165, ET127, M187, T87A, T88A, T105, T157, Pye 811, 911S, MB18, TS1/V, TS1-VII, TS1-XI, TS1-XII, TS1-16, TS1-18, TS1-188, TS22, TS23, TS24, TS25, MA492, MA494, MA505, MA506, MA571, MR461, MR472, MR473, MR502, MR503, MR505, MR506, MR507, MR661, MR662, SR431, SR513, TS18C, Rambler KE3R, Sanyo CZ200, DC310, DC320, DC330T, DC580, DC600, DC620XKC, GXT4500, DC630, DC640, DC640XKC, DC650, DC900, GXT5442, GXT5450, H460, G2416, G2515, G2515-II, G2601, TP105, Sharp ST3, ST4, GS2710GS5500, GS5510, GS5550, GS5560, Silver SL2004, SL2005, Sony ND301P, HP17, Thorn, RG107, RG108, RG109, RG110, RG111, RG112, RG113, RG114, RG115, RG506, RG1409, RG1410, RG4382, RG5081, SG117, SG118, SG119, SG120, SG121, SG122, SG123, SG1408, SG1409, SG1410, SG1411, SG1412, SG1413, SG1414, Voxson VH3.

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