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Brandt, Kleenmaid, Blanco Upper Door Seal - Part # 31X9540

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Kleenmaid, Brandt, Blanco Dishwasher Upper Door Seal.

Genuine Part No. 31X9540. Replaces Part Nos. 31X8372, 31X8635.

Upper door seal used in many European dishwashers manufactured by Brandt. Suits Brandt, Kleenmaid, Fagor, De Deitrich, Hygena & Blanco models and many others.

This seal comes with installation instructions.

Fits Kleenmaid models:-

DW26I, DW7, DW8, DW9, DW10W, DW10S, DW12I, DW13W, DW13X, DW14I, DW10S, DW15W, DW16I, DW17W, DW17X, DW18I, DW20W, DW20X, DW21W, DW21X, DW22I, DW23I, DWSG50, DW19W, DW19X, DW24W, DW24X, DW25X, DW25W, DW27I.

Fits Blanco models:-


Fits Brandt models:-

BLT64A, D14572, DW10S, DW10W, DW10X, DW12230, DW12240, DW12249, DW12470, DW14470, DW14570, DW14572, DWB031BE1, DWB031BG1, DWB031TE1, DWB031TG1, DWB031WE1, DWB031WG1, DWB031XE1, DWB031XG1, DWB461BE1, DWB461BG1, DWB461TG1, DWB461WG1, DWB461XE1, DWB461XG1, DWB671XN, DWE200, DWE206, DWE300, DWE350, DWE350U1, DWE356, DWE400, DWE400X, DWE450, DWE450U1, DWE450X, DWE500, DWF031WE1, DWF041WN, DWF041WU, DWF251WN, DWF252WN, DWF253WN, DWF361EX1, DWF361WE1, DWF361XE1, DWF371WU, DWF671N, DWF671WN, DWF671XN, DWF672WN, DWF681WU, DWF761WE1, DWF771WN, DWF791WU, DWF791XU, DWFE800, DWFE806, DWFM700, DWIE400B, DWIM100B, DWM100, DWM100H, DWM150, DWM150H, DWX031U, DWX241N, DWX4510G1, DWX671N, LI403B, LI403N, LI405B, LI405N, LI405X, LIA409N, LIA411B, LIA411N, P2540, P2540C, P2550, P2550C, P2551, P2553, P3510, P3520, P3520-2, P3520C, P3520C-2, P3530D, P3531D, P3534DC, P3540, P3540C, P3543, P3543C, P3613D, P4510V, P4530, P4530C, P4530V, P5490, P5490-2, P5490S-2, P6490, P6490-2, PC4492, PC44925, PC4492S, PCK258, PCK258-2, PCK258C, PCK258C-2, PS4494, TE42CA, TE51CA, TE51CA-2, TE52CA, VE210WE1, VE210XE1, VE220XE1, VF200JE1, VF200JU1, VI150BE1, VI200BE1, VI200WE1, VI200XE1, VI210BE1, VI210FXE1, VI210WE1, VI220BE1, VI220WE1, VI220XE1, VI226XE1, VI230BE1, VI230WE1, VI230XE1, VIP21B, VIP21N, A100FE1, A100U1, A106FE1, A310, A310C, A310H, AK100, AK600, AX330FE1, AX336, AX336C, AX339CA, AX445, AX445FE1, AX446, AX545FE1, AX545FXE1, AX545FXZ1, AX546, AX646F, DWX4510E1, P5490S, VE300WE1, VE305WE1, VE305WE2, VE305XE1, VE305XE2, VE320XE1, VF210JE1, VF210JU1, VF216JE1, VF220JE1, VF300JE1, VF300JU1, VF320JE1, VF326JE1, VF330JE1, VF400JU1, VI320BE1, VI320WE1, VI320XE1, VM300BE1, VM300DE1, VM300EE1, VM300WE1, VM300XE1, VM400BE1, VM400DE1, VM400EE1, VM400WE1, VM400XE1, VM512BE1, VM512WE1, VM512XE1, VM515BE1, VM515WE1, VM515XE1.

Fits De Dietrich models:-

DVF110JU1, DVF120JU1, DVF121JE1, DVF121JU1, DVF300JE1, DVF300JU2, DVF330JU2, DVF440JE1, DVI100BU1, DVI100WU1, DVI110DE1, DVI110E1, DVI110EE1, DVI130ZE1, DVI300BE1, DVI300DE1, DVI300EE1, DVI300WE1, DVI300XU1, DVI300XU2, DVI340BE1, DVI340XE1, DVI400BE1, DVI400DE1, DVI400EE1, DVI400WE1, DVI400XE1, DVI440BE1, DVI440WE1, DVI440XE1, DVI460BE1, DVI460WE1, DVI460XE1, LDD925IX, F110JE1, DVF111JE1, DVF111JU1, DVF120JE1, DVI100BE1, DVI100WE1, DVI101BE1, DVI101BU1, DVI101WE1, DVI101WU1, DVI120BE1, DVI120WE1, DVI120XE1, DVI121BE1, DVI121BU1, DVI121WE1, DVI121WU1, DVI121XE1, DVI121XU1, DVI125WE1, DVI130BE1, DVI130BU1, DVI130ME1, DVI130WE1, DVI130WU1, DVI130XE1, DVI130XU1, DVI131BE1, DVI131WE1, DVI131XE1, DVI140BE1, DVI140WE1, DVI150BE1, DVI150WE1, DVI150XE1, DVI150XU1, DVI151BE1, DVI151WE1, DVI151XE1, DVI151XU1, VM8542D1, VM8542E1, VM8919E1, VM8921D1, VM8921D2, VM8932D1, VM8932E1, VM8935E1, VN8542D1, VN8542E1, VN8888U1, VN8919E1, VN8921D1, VN8929E1, VN8932D1, VN8932E1, VN8935E1, VN8945E1, VRB8935E1, VRN8935E1, VW200MI, VW300E, , VW8542D1, VW8542E1, VW8888U1, VW8919E1, VW8921D1, VW8932D1, VW8932E1, VW8935E1, VW8945E1, VZ9935E1, VZ9936E1.

There may be others not listed here.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

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