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Bosch SGS Series Dishwasher Fill Chamber Level Switch Assembly - Part # 499068

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Bosch SGS Series Level Control Switch Assembly.

Part No. 499068, 00499068.

Superceded by 497570, 00497570.

Replacement water level switch & chamber assembly to fit Bosch SGS series and some other Neff & Siemens dishwasher models.

Includes two microswitches.

Fits SGS46M62AU86, SGI4715AU32, SHI47M45AU49, SGS4702AU17, SGI59A05AU47, SGS55M72AU65, SGS0905AU17, SGS09A15AU20, SGS09A15AU21, SGS09A15AU26, SGS55M72AU32, SGS55M72AU59, SGS55M72AU76, SGS59A02AU32, SGS59A02AU45, SGS59A02AU47, SGS59A02AU54, SGS59A02AU56, SGS85M22AU65, SGS85M22AU76, SGI4705AU17, SGI4705AU30, SGI4705AU32, SGI4715AU38, SGS0905AU03, SGS0905AU04, SGS0905AU05, SGS0905AU06, SGS0905AU07, SGS0905AU11, SGS09A15AU19, SGS0905AU19, SGS4702AU30, SGS4702AU32, SGS4712AU32, SGS4712AU38, SE66T372AU01, SGV59A13AU12, SGV59A13AU20, SGV59A13AU21, SGV59A13AU22, SGV69A13AU22, SGV69A13AU24, SGV69A13AU25, SGV69A13AU27, SGV69A13AU32, SHV55M03AU70, SHV55M03AU76, SHV55M03AU78, SE55M576AU01, SE55M576AU45, SE55M576AU47, SE55M576AU49, SE56T590AU01, SGI59A05AU32, SGI59A05AU45, SGI59A05AU54, SGI59A05AU56, SGI59A05AU63, SHI47M45AU01, SHI47M45AU45, SHI47M45AU47, SHI47M45AU, SHI55M05AU30, SL5KLH1AU01, SL5KLH1AU45, SGI6905AU07, SGI6905AU11, SGI6905AU12, SGI6905AU13, SGU47M45AU01, SGU47M45AU45, SGU47M45AU47, SGU47M45AU49, SGU57M45AU30, SGU57M45AU78, SGU59A05AU12, SGU59A05AU20, SGU59A05AU21, SGU59A05AU22, SGU69A22AU22, SGU69A22AU24, SGU69A22AU27, SGU69A22AU32, SGU69A25AU22, SGU69A25AU24, SGU69A25AU27, SGU69A25AU32, SGU69A25AU36, SGS46M78AU82, SGS46M78AU87, SF24260GB04, SGS46M72AU86, S5459X113, SE56T590AU01, SRS560202, SGS46M78AU01. May suit other models.

Note this is not the only water level chamber used in these brands that looks similar so if you are unsure of the suitability, please contact us with your brand and full model number prior to purchasing.

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