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Bosch Gas Cooktop 450mm Wok Burner Thermocouple - Part # 12027218

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Bosch 450mm 2-Wire Wok Thermocouple for Gas Cooktops.

Bosch part No. 12027218.

Lead Length - 450mm.

Lead fitted with special terminal.

This thermocouple is suitable for some Bosch, Gaggenau & Siemens gas cooktops for the wok burner including models:-

EC6A5IB90A/01, EC6A5IB90A/09, EC7A5RB90A/01, EC9A5SB90A/01, PCH6A5B90A/01, PCH6A5B90A/12, PCH6A5B90A/17, PCI6A5B90A/01, PCI6A5B90A/09, PCI6A5B90A/12, PCI6A5B90A/17, PCR7A5B90A/01, PCR7A5B90A/12, PCR7A5B90A/17, PCR9A5B90A/01, PCR9A5B90A/12, PCR9A5B90A/17, PCS7A5B90A/01, PCS7A5B90A/12, PCS7A5B90A/17, PPH6A6B20A/01, PPH6A6B20A/12, PPH6A6B20A/17, T26DS59N0A/01, T27DA69N0A/01, T29DA79N0A/01.

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