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Bosch Front Load Washer 3D Humidity Sensor - Part # 617804, 00617804

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Bosch, Siemens Front Loader Washer 3D Humidity Sensor.

Part. no. 617804, 00617804.

Seuffer Part No. A1246-009-03.

Humidity sensor used in some front loading washing machines.

25mA / 9V

Fits many Bosch & Siemens front loading washer models including WAS28440AU/23, WAS28440AU/27, WAS28440AU/35, WAS28440AU/38, WAS28440AU/55, WAS32440AU/14, WAS32440AU/20, WAY32540AU/20, WAY32540AU/23, WAY32540AU/39, WAY32790AU/03, WAY32790AU/09, WAY32790AU/11, WAY32840AU/02, WAY32840AU/35, WAY32840AU/39, WAY32890AU/03, WAY32891AU/09, WAY32891AU/17, WAY32891AU/23, WM14S440AU/35, WM14S440AU/55, WM16S440AU/01, WM16S440AU/07, WM16S440AU/10, WM16S440AU/12, WM16S440AU/13, WM16S440AU/14, WM16S440AU/20, WM16S740AU/23, WM16S741AU/07, WM16Y790AU/02, WM16Y790AU/14, WM16Y790AU/20, WM16Y790AU/39, WM16Y790AU/43, WM16Y792AU/03 and others.

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