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Bosch Dishwasher Drain Hose Sink Coupling / Mounting Set - Part # 088403

Bosch Dishwasher Drain Hose Sink Coupling / Mounting Set - Part # 088403

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Bosch Dishwasher Drain Hose Mounting Set / Sink Coupling.

Genuine Part No. 088403, 00088403.

Outlet hose coupling suitable for many Bosch SE, SG & SH series dishwashers including models:-

SL5KLH1AU01, SL6KLN1AU01, SL6KLN1AU18, SGS09A15AU19, SGS09A15AU20, SGS09A15AU21, SGS09A15AU26, SGI43A25AU43, SGI43A25AU49, SGI43A25AU56, SGI43A25AU70, SGI43A45AU43, SGI43A45AU45, SGI43A45AU56, SGI43A45AU70, SGI43A55AU43, SGI43A55AU45, SGI43A55AU56, SGI43A55AU70, SRI43A05AU05, SRI43A05AU14, SGS43B22AU32, SGS43B22AU43, SGI43A25AU32, SGS43A92AU43, SGS43A92AU45, SGS43B22AU49, SGS43B22AU56, SGS43B42AU43, SGS43B42AU56, SGS43A92AU56, SHI47M45AU01, SHI47M45AU47, SHI47M45AU49, SGI53A55AU43, SGI53A55AU45, SGI53A55AU56, SGI53A55AU63, SGI53A55AU70, SGS53A52AU43, SGS53A52AU45, SGS53A52AU56, SGS53E72AU01, SGI55E45AU70, SGI55E45AU76, SGI55E55AU01, SGI55E55AU86, SGI55M05AU32, SGI55M05AU59, SGI55M05AU70, SGI55M05AU76, SHI55M05AU30, SGV55M03AU32, SGV55M03AU65, SGV55M03AU70, SGV55M03AU76, SGU55E05AU76, SGS55M62AU32, SGS55M62AU65, SGS55M62AU76, SGS55M72AU32, SGS55M72AU59, SGS55M72AU65, SGS55M72AU76, SGS55M98AU30, SGS55M98AU76, SHV55M03AU70, SHV55M03AU76, SHV55M03AU78, SHV55M43AU01, SHV55M43AU18, SE55M576AU01, SE55M576AU47, SE55M576AU49, SE56T590AU01, SL56T590AU01, SL56T590AU18, SGI59A05AU32, SGI59A05AU45, SGI59A05AU54, SGI59A05AU56, SGI59A05AU63, SGI59A05AU65, SGI59A05AU70, SGS59A02AU32, SGS59A02AU45, SGS59A02AU47, SGS59A02AU54, SGS59A02AU56, SGU59A05AU20, SGU59A05AU21, SGU59A05AU22, SGI59A05AU47, SGV59A13AU12, SGV59A13AU20, SGV59A13AU21, SGV59A13AU22, SE66T372AU01, SE66T373AU01, SE66T373AU18, SGV67T13AU01, SGV67T13AU05, SGV69A13AU22, SGV69A13AU24, SGV69A13AU25, SGV69A13AU27, SGV69A13AU32, SGV69A13AU36, SGV69A13AU37, SGV69T15AU01, SGV69T15AU18, SGU69T15AU01, SGU69T15AU18, SGU69A22AU22, SGU69A25AU22, SGU69A22AU24, SGU69A25AU24, SGU69A25AU27, SGU69A22AU27, SGU69A22AU32, SGU69A25AU32, SGU69A25AU36, SGS85M22AU65, SGS85M22AU76, SGS0905AU03, SGS0905AU04, SGS0905AU05, SGS0905AU06, SGS0905AU07, SGS0905AU11, SGS0905AU14, SGS0905AU16, SGS0905AU17, SGS0905AU19, SGS4002AU01, SGS4002AU07, SGS4002AU13, SGS4002AU12, SGI4005AU01, SGI4005AU07, SGI4005AU12, SGI4005AU13, SGI4005AU20, SGU4025AU31, SGU4025AU58, SGS4072AU58, SGS4302AU07, SGS4302AU12,SGS4302AU13, SGI4305AU07, SGI4305AU13, SGI4305AU12, SGS4332AU17, SGS4332AU30, SGS4332AU41, SGS4332AU43, SGS4332AU49, SGS4352AU17, SGS4352AU30, SGS4352AU38, SGS4702AU30, SGS4702AU32, SGS4712AU32, SGS4712AU38, SGS5332AU30, SGS5332AU41, SGS4702AU17, SGI4002AU12, SGI4002AU20, SGI4335AU17, SGI4335AU41, SGI4335AU43, SGI4335AU49, SGI4335AU70, SGI4345AU17, SGI4345AU38, SGI4347AU30, SGI4347AU38, SGI4347AU70, SGI4705AU17, SGI4705AU30, SGI4705AU32, SGI4715AU38, SRS5302AU01, SRS5302AU04, SRS5302AU05, SRS5302AU06, SRS5302AU14, SRS5302AU32, SRS5302AU34, SGS5302AU12, SGS5302AU13, SGS5305AU07, SGI6905AU07, SGI6905AU11, SGI6905AU12, SGI6905AU13, DI230130AU70, DI230130AU76, DI230130AU77.

This part fits between the end of the drain hose and the sink S-Bend spigot and is used on models which don't have a moulded rubber end on the drain hose.

19mm inside diameter x 62mm rubber hose with 2 x spring hose clamps.

Used with the drain hose listed here.

Easy to fit. Fully guaranteed.

If you are unsure of the suitability of this item, please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

We have been supplying appliance parts to the trade and retail for over 25 years. Buy with confidence.

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