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Bosch Canopy Rangehood Aluminium Filter 310mm x 250mm - Part # 353110

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Bosch Canopy Rangehood Aluminium Grease Filter.

Part No.  353110, 00353110.

Rangehood aluminium filter suitable for some 600mm & 900mm wide canopy rangehood models.

Overall Size: 310mm x 250mm x 8mm.

Spring loaded catch in the centre of one short edge.

Two filters are used in 600mm models and three filters are used in 900mm models.

Listing is for a single filter.

Suits model DKE632A/01, DKE632A/03, DKE632A/05, DKE632A/07, DKE632A/08, DKE633A/01, DKE633A/03, DKE635A/01, DKE635A/03, DKE635A/04, DKE635A/05, DKE635A/07, DKE635AAU/01, DKE635AAU/02, DKE635AAU/03, DKE636A/01, DKE636A/03, DKE636A/05, DKE636A/07, DKE735A/01, DKE735A/03, DKE932A/01, DKE932A/03, DKE932A/04, DKE932A/05, DKE932A/06, DKE932A/07, DKE935A/01, DKE935A/03, DKE935A/04, DKE935A/05, DKE935A/06, DKE935AAU/01, DKE935AAU/03, DKE935AAU/04, DKE935AAU/05, DKE935AAU/06, DKE936A/01, DKE936A/03, DKE936A/04, DKE936A/05, DKE936A/06, DKE945GAU/01, DKE945GAU/02, DKE945HAU/01, DWB095751A/01, DWW61451A/01, DWW091451A/01. May suit other models and brands such as Siemens, Neff.

If you are unsure of the suitability of this item please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number.

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