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Bosch BGS5, Relaxx'x, Zoo'o Series Genuine H12 Hepa Filter - Part # 575665

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Bosch BGS5 Series Genuine Hepa Cartridge Filter.

Genuine Part No: 575665, 00575665, BBZ161HF.

Suits some Bosch BGS5 series Relaxx'x ProSilence, Relaxx'x ProSilencePlus, Relaxx'x Power Silence, Zoo'o ProAnimal vacuum cleaner models that use a Hepa filter. Check the dimensions to determine suitability for your model.

Hepa filter dimensions: length 165mm, width 70mm, thickness 35mm.

Suits models BGS5140AU/02, BGS51842AU/01, BGS51842/02, BGS51842AU/05, BGS5200R/02, BGS5200R/03, BGS5220/02, BGS5220/03, BGS5222R/03, BGS5230E/02, BGS5230E/03, BGS52530/01, BGS52530/02, BGS5320R/02, BGS5320R/04, BGS5322R/04, BGS5330/02, BGS5330/03, BGS5330A/02, BGS5330A/03, BGS5330R/02, BGS5330R/03, BGS5331/02, BGS5331/03, BGS5332R/04, BGS5335/02, BGS5A300/02, BGS5A32R/02, BGS5A32R/03, BGS5AAAAGB/02, BGS5ALL/02, BGS5ALL/03, BGS5BL432/02, BGS5ECO66R/02, BGS5KSLIS/02, BGS5PERF/02, BGS5PERF5/02, BGS5PERFAU/02, BGS5PERFGB/02, BGS5PERFGB/03, BGS5PET1/02, BGS5PET2GB/02, BGS5PET3GB/02, BGS5POWER1/02, BGS5POWER1/03, BGS5PWER/02, BGS5R30E/03, BGS5R68S/04, BGS5RCL/02, BGS5RCL/03, BGS5ZOOAU/01, BGS5ZOOAU/02, BGS5ZOOAU/05, BGS5ZOOCN/01, BGS5ZOOCN/02, BGS5ZOODE/01, BGS5ZOODE/02, BGS5ZOODE/05, BGS5ZOOM1/01, BGS5ZOOM1/02, BGS5ZOOM1/05, BGS5ZOOM2/02, BGS5ZOOO1/01, BGS5ZOOO1/02, BGS5ZOOO1/05, BGS5ZOOO3/02, BGS5ZOOOAU/02, BGS5ZOORU/02.

This filter should be changed yearly to maintain efficient filtration and prolong the motor life.

If you are unsure of the suitability of this item, please contact us prior to purchasing with your full model number.

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