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Bosch 35mm Vacuum Crevice Nozzle - Part # BBZ131SA, 17000183

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Bosch Crevice Nozzle.

Part No. BBZ131SA, 17000183.

Crevice tool for Bosch vacuums including models Athlet BBH6PARQ/03, BBH6PZOO/01, BBH6PZOO/03, BCH65POWER/03, Relaxx'x Ultimate ProSilence64 BGC7SIL64M/02, GL-30 ProPower BGL3POWER1/01, ProSilence AllergyPlus BGL4SIL2/01, GL-40 Silence BGL4TOP/01, Home Professional BGL8PRO3IR/08, BGL8PRO3IR/10, BGL8PRO3IR/12, Cosyy'y ProSilence BGLS4PERF/01, Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7ALL68/01, BGS7ALL68/02, Relaxx'x Ultimate ProSilence64 BGS7MS64/01, BGS7MS64/02, Zoo`o ProAnimal BGS7MSZOO/01, BGS7MSZOO/02, Relaxx'x Ultimate ProPerform BGS7PERF/02. BGS7PERF5/02, Relaxx'x HomeProfessional BGS7PRO1/02, Relaxx'x Ultimate BGS7RCL/01, BGS7RCL/02, Relaxx'x Ultimate ProSilence64 BGS7SIL64/01, BGS7SIL64/02, BGS7SIL64M/01, BGS7SIL64M/02, BGS7SILALL/01, BGS7SILALL/02, Zoo`o ProAnimal BGS7ZOOMR/01, BGS7ZOOMR/02, SIEMENS iQ700 allergyPlus VSC7AC342/12, Siemens Q 8.0 extremePower allergy VSQ8TURBO/12, Z 3.0 MultiClean VSZ3MULTI/12 and any others which use a 35mm accessory.

May also suit other brands such as Samsung, Panasonic, Miele, some Electrolux, Volta & Nilfisk vacuums.

Tool dimensions 368mm long x 34.7mm internal diameter.

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