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Audio Technica ATS10/11 Compatible Turntable Stylus. Stanfield Part # D197SR

Audio Technica ATS10/11 Compatible Turntable Stylus. Stanfield Part # D197SR

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Audio Technica VM8-7, ATS10, ATS11 Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D197SR

Equivalent to Goldring D944, Soundring D603.

Similar to D197E, D525QD, D1004E, D1012QD.

Conical diamond stylus.

Suits Aiwa AP001, AP002,

Akai APN2, APN4, APN5, AP003, AP004, AP005, AP006, AP007, AP420,

Audio Technica ATS10, ATS10L, ATS11, ATS11E, ATS12, ATS12E, AT10, AT11, AT11E, AT12, AT12E,

AWA B420, LT5V, QX810, QX5800, CEC-CDC MC12S,

Columbia-Denon DSN28, DSN30, DSN54,

Crown AMXA2, AMXA5, AMXA86, AMXA90,

General Electric S100L,

Healing 3in1, 45254, Sceptre 80, Stereo 10,

Hitachi DS-ST26, HT320, HR350, HT353, HT460, HT10RM, HT840, MT03, PS8, PS10, PS12, PS14, PS15, PS17, PS33, PS38, PS48, PS58, SDT7675,

HMV HV14D, BSR TJD4X, Music Centre, Sceptre80, Triad, Zodiac,

JVC Nivico DN31, DT35,

Kenwood Trio N32, N33, N40, N41A, N42, KD5066, KP5022, ST5V,

Linear Design DP330, DP350,

Mitsubishi 3D-40M,

National Panasonic Technics EPS30, EPS31, EPS34STSD, EPS35STSD, EPS35STED, EPS35STCS, SAP829, SG2050, SG2080, SL29A, SL31, SL41, SL42, SL2050, SL2080, SM2670, SS4025, SS7000, SS7100, SS8020, SS8030L,

NEC LP7000D, LP8000D,

Onkyo DN27, DN32ST, CP60A, GP60A,

Philips AH975, AH978, AH980, AH982, RH975,

Sansui SN40X, SN43, FR5080S, SR636, SR737, SV40X,

Sanyo ST35VD, ST36VD, DXT5404, DXT5828, TP600, TP636, TP728, TP825, TP929A, TP1100, TP1200, TP1800, TP3250, TP8250,

Sharp N20D, STY202, STY213, STY703, GS5624, GS5721, RP203, RP1133, RP3500, SG500H,

Sony ND129G, ND130G, HP580, MQ100,

Teac P7, P9, PS300, PS500, PX50, PX300,

Toshiba N52, N53DY, N59DY, SM360, SM380, SM390, SM2200, SM3100, SM3150, SM3200, SM3500, SM3600, SM3650, SM5200, SX150, SX220, SX2000, SX2200,

Yamaha D6500, FS55, FS555.

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