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Audio Technica ATN3472P Compatible Turntable Stylus - Part No. D1177SR

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Audio Technica ATN3472P Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Part No. D1177SR, D1177SF.

Equivalent to Goldring D1072, D1085, D1089, Soundring D1041.

Conical diamond stylus.

This needle fits Akai RS33, RS35, Audio Technica ATN101P, ATN101EP, ATN3472P, ATN3472E, ATN3492P, ATN3492E, AWA S38, S39, S43, S46, S300, S400, SM43, CEC-CDC N103, Dual DN450, Glenwood TP707, Hitachi DS-ST12, DS-ST14, DS-ST18, JVC DT45, DT45E, DT57, Kenwood-Trio N63, Marantz CT140, CT165, CT170, CT185, CT240, CT340, CT430, CT440, CT451, CT2462, Mitsubishi 3D-56M, 3D-57M, National Panasonic Technics EPS91SMD, NEC LP444, Novatech MD400, Pioneer PN250T, PN259T, PN295T, PN305T, Realistic-Tandy LAB701, LAB801, RX8500, Sansui SN313, SN515, Sanyo ST44J, STF8D, STM11, Sharp STY131, Sherwood PS9700, ST891, Sony ND145G, Teac APB360, BD65, BD80, CR500, CR700, JC70, Midi 1000, P45, P90, P365, P367, P380, P480, P690, PS50, SP1000, SP3000, ST320, ST610, Toshiba N32M, Voxon TT444, VH777.

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