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Audio Technica AT55-7 Compatible Turntable Stylus - Stanfield Part # D508SR

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Audio Technica AD55-7 Compatible Turntable Stylus.

Stanfield Part No. D508SR.

Conical diamond stylus.

Similar to Stanfield D492SR, D493SR, D551SR, Goldring D492, D733, Soundring D493, D508.

Appropriate for Audio Technika AT4-7D, AT55-7, AWA B420, QX58, Columbia Denon DSN24, Diotran TA5A, TA6, Garrard 1255B, Healing PL500, SX500, Kenwood Trio N38, ST5J, Onkyo DN18ST, DN24ST, DN36ST, CP30M, MC3000, MC3100, MC3200, MC3400, MC3500, MC3600, X10, X20, X1000, Piezo AN115, Pye T5, T6, Sansui SN33, SN50, FR232, FRD3, FRD4, FRD35, FRD55, FRD259, FRQ5, SR232, SR233, SR535, SR838, Sanyo ST25J, Sony ND124P, ND125P, ND125G, ND126P, ND131G, ND132G, HP150, HP300, HP301, HP501, HP500, HP510, HP511, HP520, HP600, HP620, FJ5000, FQ3000, FQ5000, FQ6000, FQ7000, Gemini, HP2200, HP3000, HP4000, HP4100, HP5000, HP5100, HPS6000, MJ300, HP30, HP200, HP201, HP202, HP210, LQ3000, LQ3100K, LQ5000, LQ7000, Mariner II, Pisces, PS230, PS1100, PS1150, PS2100, PS2250, PS2300, PS2310, PS2400, PS2410, PS2500, PS2510, PS5100, PS5170, PS5190, PS5520, PS5550, PS6750, SQ3000, SQ4000, SQ4100, YJ200, YJ201, YJ300, YJ301, YJ600, Toshiba NN13D, FX424, FX434, FX525, FX535, FX636, FX760, FX795, FX860, FX5000, SP403, SP525, SP535, SP636, SP690, SP760, SP795, SP6000, SR300, Yamaha N5500, GS50, MS3, MS5, SS3, SS5, SS30.

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