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Audio Adaptor - 3pin Balanced Male XLR to Unbalanced RCA - Part # NA2M-D2B-TX

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Neutrik Audio Adaptor - Balanced Male XLR Socket to Unbalanced RCA Socket.

Part No. NA2F-D2B-TX.

Rugged quality construction.

This item converts from a balanced XLR socket to an unbalanced RCA socket.

Low cost solution for unbalanced / balanced line correction and passive DI applications where no earth or gain switching is required.

  • Audio transformer 1:1
  • Impedance ratio 200:200
  • Source / Load impedance in ohms 200 / 2K (600 / 10K)
  • Maximum input level ( @ 50Hz, 1% THD ) -3dBu.
  • XLR pin 1 connected to case.

Ideal for use as a passive direct injection adaptor to send unbalanced source signals from a mixer via a multicore to amplifiers, effects processors, etc.

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