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Ariston, Servis, Bosch, Zerowatt Front Loader Drum Belt - Part # POL26, 1194J5

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Samsung, Philco, Ariston, Indesit, Merloni, Electrolux, AEG, Bosch Front Loader Washing Machine Main Drive Belt.

Qualtex Part No. POL26, 1194J5 (Metric), 470J5 (Imperial). Replaces BLT072, UNI6761.

Belt Length 1194mm, Width 12mm, Type J. 5 Ribs.

Appropriate for many European Ariston, Servis, Bosch & Zerowatt front loading washing machines.

Models include:-

Servis Quartz, SG12TXUK, WDG1195WG, WDN2196WG, WFB400U, WG1185BG, WG1185WG, WG1230TGFG, WG1233TG, WG1234TG, WG1234TSG, WG1239TSG, WG1285WG, WG1286G, WG1286SG, WG12G, WG1385WG, WN1196BG, WN1196WG, WN1263WG, WN1296WG, WN1299WG,

Bosch WFB400, WFB400U,

Ariston 016625, 1218CDE, 1218CDE3B, 1258ADRY, 1258CD, 1258CD3B, A1100UK, A1146GB, A1148GB, A1158GB, A1217UK, A1300UK, A2090UK, AB1240CUK, AD12DSGUK, AD12UK, AI1244CUK, AI1247MUK, AI1247UK, AI1248CUK, AI1248MCUK, AI1257MUK, AI1259MCUK, AI1457MTUK, AL1146TUK, AL1156TUK, AL1250CTUK, AL1250CUK, AL1257TUK, AL1456TUK, AV1243UK, AV1244UK, AV1247CUK, AW1120, AW1150GB, AW1280UK, AWD1200UK, CD1151, CD1152, CD12TUK, HLE19002BR, HLE19003WH, KCD121BRUK, KCD121WHUK, KCD12TUK, KLB121BR, KLB121WH, KLB12T, LB12TUK, MLI1200X, MLS1200, MLS1200W,

New World S1200AUK, S1200UK.

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