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Aquavac, Delonghi, Rowenta Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5) - Part # S04

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Aquavac, Delonghi, Rowenta, Philips Vacuum Cleaner Bags (Pkt 5).

Menalux Part No. S04.

Equivalent to Menalux S04, Stokes V7231, V7232, Anlin AF157, AF156, Qualtex SDB034, Unifit UNI43, UNI043, UNI44, UNI044.

Cardboard is the same size as Menalux S05, S40, Qualtex SDB095, Stokes V7232, Anlin AF156 but bag is a different size.

Bag dimensions folded flat - 20.5cm X 70cm. Cardboard dimensions - 12.9cm X 10.5cm. Cardboard has score lines 95mm apart on the longest side. Hole diameter - 63mm.

Appropriate for:-

Aquavac Domestica 960, Super 40, Synchro22,

Calor Duo: 4860, Pro: 4681,

Delonghi M31, XE1200PD, XW1200PD,

Delta Spire S1200,


Gisowatt Aquamatic Valy,

Goblin Wisard,

Neva (Barrel with Carton, Seau Avec Carton),

Philips Super HR6651, HR6655, HR6661, HR6665, HR6675 (Trivac),

Rowenta RB08, RB14, RB50, RB50.1, RB51, RB52, RB52.1, RB52.2, RB52.5, RB54, RB56, RB57, RB60, RB60.1, RB70, RB522, RB526, RB602, RB800, RB820, RD200, RU01, RU05, RU07, RU08, RU040, RU062, RU068, RU071, RU10, RU11, RU12, RU15, RU90, RU100, RU102, RU108, RU500, RU700, RU720, RU814, RU824,


Siemens UZ92351,

Tefal 4680.

Packet of 5 disposable bags.

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