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Analog NTSC to PAL Video Convertor - Part # CN-100P

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Analog NTSC to PAL Video Convertor.

Part # CN100P, CN-100P.

This analogue version converts the colour information from NTSC to PAL. The rest of the picture signal is maintained. This includes the line and refresh frequencies.

This unit is designed for one way operation for Playback of any NTSC source, (Tape, Disk, Satellite, etc.) on a PAL television.

The resulting signal is PAL colour with 525 lines (not 625) at 60Hz (not 50). This may result in a picture with a black band on the top & bottom of the screen.

Most TVs are compatible with 50 & 60Hz horizontal frequencies, but since they were made for Australia, do not contain the NTSC colour interpreter. This converter will be compatible with those units, and therefore suitable with most modern TV sets.

For older sets it may be necessary to adjust the vertical hold to resize the picture correctly.

Power pack included.

RCA sockets for input & output.

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