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AEG, Electrolux, Dishlex Dishwasher Drying Vent Activator & Gasket - Part # 1171458233

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AEG, Dishlex, Electrolux Dishwasher Drying Activator Vent Assembly with Gasket.

Genuine part. no. 1171458233.

Modified drying activator vent to suit some AEG, Electrolux & Dishlex dishwashers including models DX203WK, DX301SK, DX301WK, ESF66814XR, ESL67040R, F77000M0P, F77000W0P, F77000M0P/AU, F77000W0P/AU, F78002VI0P, F78002VI0P/AU, F88009M0P, F88009W0P, F88009M0P/AU, F88009W0P/AU, F88089M0P, WSF6602XR, WSF6602WR, WSF6605XR, WSF6605WR, WSU6603XR.

Original versions of this vent allowed water from the upper spray arm to enter the vent and leak down into the base of the dishwasher causing the flood protection to activate. This part is fitted with webbing in the outlet spigot to prevent this from happening.

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